3 Things to Expect When Visiting a Used Car Dealership (And How to Prepare Yourself)

Used Car Dealership

Whether it’s your first time visiting a used car dealer or you’re a hand-me-down automotive veteran, a routine process will follow. Most used car dealerships adhere to this format to ensure you get the best deal possible (and don’t leave any money on the table). In this post, we cover 3 things you can expect—and how to prepare yourself—when visiting a used car dealer

1. You Become a Magnet

What happens when you place two magnets close together? The opposite poles unerringly attract one another—it never fails. That’s what happens between you and the salesperson when you walk into a used car dealership. Most automotive sales professionals make their living based on commission. So when you enter a dealership, expect a magnet-like force to pull a salesperson toward you, sticking to you like an industrial-strength adhesive. 

The best way to handle this is to understand why you’re there. What does that entail? A few things:

  1. Knowing what kind of car you want
  2. The condition it must be in for you to consider a purchase
  3. How much you have in your budget

Staying focused on what type of car you want and within your budget helps you avoid the “shiny object syndrome” and walk away with a more expensive car that does not fit your needs.

2. The Backward Approach

Typically, used car dealerships don’t consider whether you want a Buick, Chevrolet, or any other brand. They concern themselves with what they can match to your budget. Such a backward approach doesn’t take your needs into account. At Edge Auto Sports, we flip this regressive method on its head. 

We’re committed to a high-quality automotive-purchasing experience by providing honest and reliable service to each customer. This way, you can have the car you need within your budget. If you experience this backward method, you can address it by:

  • Being inquisitive about the car (ask questions that relate to your automotive needs)
  • Taking it for a test drive
  • Walking away (if they don’t have what you need, it’s best to find another dealership)

3. Taking a Test Drive

At this point, you’ll learn about potential automotive faults and possibly exit from the deal. Some used car dealerships preplan your test drive route, keeping you on smooth roads at low speeds to avoid any vehicle clatter. 

Opt for your own route instead. 

Go at your preferred speeds (provided you’re not violating any speed limits) to check for vibrations and other possible faults. Moreover, visit a few bumpy roads to assess vehicle suspension. This process allows you to:

  1. Get a feel for the car
  2. Judge its performance based on your own standards
  3. Make a more informed purchasing decision

But remember, you should keep your expectations realistic. If you have $2,500 in your budget for a used Toyota, a few flaws are to be expected. 

What’s Next? Visit Your Used Car Dealership in Evansville

Shopping for a used car doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. All that’s required is a little knowledge to navigate your way. And, of course, a trusted used car dealer to help you find the perfect vehicle is also useful! At Edge Auto Sports, we are dedicated to matching you with a used car that will meet your needs. So if you’re ready, contact us today to find the perfect used vehicle


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