4 key things to check before you purchase a used vehicle


Purchasing a vehicle from a used car dealer in Evansville can be a great way to get a quality car or truck without the high price tag of a brand-new vehicle. Shopping at an Evansville used car dealership will be smooth if you know what to look for. Below is a list of the top things to check before you purchase your pre-owned vehicle

1. Run a Carfax Report

When it comes to used vehicles, it is important to check the history of the car or truck you are considering. By running a Carfax report, you can learn if the vehicle has been reported in an accident, if there are outstanding liens, or if there are any factory recalls on the particular make and model. Knowing these things can prevent you from purchasing a vehicle that could cause you issues at a later date.

You can complete a Carfax report on your own by simply searching with the VIN number through the website.

2. Get an Inspection

Even if you have to pay a small fee for service, it is a good idea to get the used vehicle you are considering purchasing inspected. A certified mechanic will inspect the brakes, tires, belts, and other parts of the car or truck. This way, you can be sure it is in proper working condition, roadworthy, and insurable before you pay for your new wheels and head out on a road trip.

Additionally, you should inspect the vehicle yourself. Pop the hood and be on the lookout for:

· Fluid leaks
· Cracked hoses or belts
· Corrosion
· Glass damage

3. Tire Tread

You will want to be sure the pre-owned vehicle you are purchasing has good tread left on its tires for a smooth and safe ride. Look for even wear on all four tires. A good tire tread depth is 6/32 inches or deeper and you can determine the depth by using a tread gauge. If you don’t have a gauge, a simple way of checking tread depth is by inserting a penny into the groove with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tires.

4. Test Drive

One of the most important checks you can do at an Evansville used car dealership is to take the vehicle you are considering for a test drive. Map out a route in your head that will test out the vehicle’s maneuverability, acceleration, suspension, and braking. Try parking the vehicle to see where the blind spots are and how well you can see past them.

A car dealer in Evansville can tell you anything you want about a car, but you never know how it really drives until you take it for a run yourself.


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