7 Reasons You Should Buy a Used Vehicle from Edge AutoSports

Used Vehicle from Edge AutoSports
Used Vehicle from Edge AutoSports

For many people, the benefits of buying a used vehicle far outweigh the advantages of a new one. And this makes sense as new vehicles certainly have their drawbacks. For example, a new vehicle typically comes with a hefty payment plan. And not only that, but you’ll be paying out those precious dollars to a liability that’s going down in value. 

That’s why at Edge AutoSports in Evansville, we want to encourage you to buy a used vehicle, as they are just as reliable, but without the inflated price tag. Keep reading to learn our 7 reasons why you should buy a used vehicle from Edge AutoSports

1. Wide Selection

At Edge AutoSports, we offer a myriad of used vehicles for you to select. And this is due to our entrenched and well-connected relationships within the used car community in Evansville. For this reason, we can provide you with a vast selection of cars to meet your needs and preferences – whatever they happen to be. 

Want a sleek SUV? Maybe a spicy sports car? Or perhaps a powerful pickup? Regardless of your wants and desires, Edge AutoSports has got what you need with our wide selection of used vehicles. 

2. Financing Options

We understand that, sometimes, life happens. As such, you may not have the financial standing to pay in full, but still require a dependable vehicle to get to and from work, run errands, and otherwise, live your life. That’s why multiple financing options have been made available here at Edge AutoSports. 

We can work together to find you an option that is most appropriate for you and your current monetary situation. Apply online to see which options are available to you. 

3. Trade-ins

If you’re someone who values variety and newness, then purchasing a used car is a wise choice. When you finance a used car from Edge AutoSports, you can trade it in if the balance is paid off. Typically, the balance of the loan is covered by the trade-in value of the car. However, it will also depend on a myriad of other contributing variables such as the vehicle’s age and current state. 

4. More Budget Friendly

Vehicle depreciation is on your side when you buy used. Even vehicles only a few years old typically have prices well below trims that are brand new. What does this mean for you? It entails you’ll have a much broader selection of options that will work within your budget. 

For instance, if you budgeted $6000 for a new vehicle, how big of a selection do you think you’d have of new cars based on those limited funds? It would be slim pickings. 

However, take that same $6000 nest egg, bring it to a used vehicle dealership like Edge AutoSports, and everything changes. You’d go from virtually nothing to having access to hundreds of vehicles, covering numerous makes, models, brands, etc. 

5. Cheaper Car Insurance

It’s important to realize that your car insurance rate (in addition to options) will fluctuate based on factors such as your area and vehicle. But with that being said, a general rule of thumb is that car insurance for a used vehicle is cheaper than car insurance for new ones. 

The reason being is that used cars are usually much cheaper for insurance providers to replace than new vehicles are. Altogether, used cars are cheaper than new ones, and it’s due to all of the tiny little factors that come together. 

6. Used Car Warranties

Anytime you make a big purchase, you should get a warranty if possible. You never know what could happen, and if you’re not covered, you could be out a few grand. At Edge AutoSports, we have a number of warranty options available on our cars. As such, if you have an issue with your vehicle, require servicing or maintenance; you’re protected.

And as a result, you won’t have to pay as much relative to what you would have paid if you purchased a vehicle with no warranty on it.

7. Considerate of Those With Low Credit Scores

At Edge AutoSports, we understand that anyone can fall on hard times. And sometimes, all it takes to turn things around is a little break. For this reason, we won’t hold your poor credit score against you. We don’t discriminate or segregate based on financial standing. We have banks for great credit, okay credit, and bad credit. 

So wherever you stand on the financial spectrum, you’re welcome here. We’ll work with you to get you the used car you need to get back on your feet. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a car – whether used or new – is a big financial decision. As such, it should be thought through prior to taking any action. But if you’re ready for a used car and are looking for a trusted car dealership with high-quality used vehicles, then look no further than Edge AutoSports. 

Contact us today with any questions or to view our vehicle selection. Our team is patiently waiting to hear from you. 


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