Winter-Friendly Used Cars in Evansville: The 10 Best Used Cars for Cooler Weather

check out the top 10 best used cars for cooler weather

The shift too cooler winter weather has many drivers searching for used cars in Evansville to get them to and from work, school, and errands. Often, summer vehicles don’t quite cut it when it comes to driving in winter weather and as a result, many choose to purchase a winter car with tougher tires, better ground clearance, and higher safety ratings.

If you’re searching used car dealerships for a new-to-you vehicle this winter, check out the top 10 best used cars for cooler weather.

1. Audi A8 (2002-2009)

Audi A8

If safety and performance are your top priorities for a winter vehicle, the Audi A8 is difficult to beat. Known for its Quattro all-wheel drive system, this car is stable enough for driving safely on winter roads. The Audi A8 features a refined interior that may include heated seats and a heating steering wheel, depending on the year and trim you purchase.

2. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Sedan (2006 – 2012)

Subaru Impreza

If you’re looking for a safe ride this winter, the Subaru Impreza WRX STi is a sporty sedan that’s ideal for snowy conditions. With all-wheel drive and safety features such as anti-lock bracks, stability control, and multiple airbags, the Subaru Impreza will get you where you need to go safely.

3. Infiniti G35x (2004-2008)

Infiniti G35x

A luxury sedan that makes a comfortable winter vehicle, the Infiniti G35X combines power with a design that handles winter conditions effectively. This vehicle is available in all-wheel drive and features a V6 engine, sports suspension, and Snow Mode, a function that redistributes torque and improves stability for winter driving.

4. Jeep Compass (2007- Present)

Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a compact SUV that stands out as a great winter vehicle because of its substantial ground clearance. The vehicle is trail-rated, making it great for off-roading and in winter driving conditions. In some years of the Jeep Compass, the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System features Snow mode, making it even easier to navigate snowy roads.

5. Ford Freestyle (2005-2007)

Ford Freestyle

The Ford Freestyle is a compact SUV that’s comfortable and practical, making it a great option for families. This vehicle is easy to drive in winter thanks in spite of being front-wheel drive thanks to its effortless handling and compact size, which makes it less bulky than its competitors.

6. Acura TL Sh-AWD (2003-2012)

Acura TL Sh-AWD

The 2003-2012 models of the Acura TL Sh-AWD are equipped with a Super Handling all-wheel drive system, which makes it easy to control on snowy or icy terrain. The 3.7L V6 engine this car is equipped with provides enough power to help the vehicle tackle winter roads.

7. Toyota Yaris (2005-2020)

Toyota Yaris

While it is a surprising choice due to being a front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicle, the Yaris is actually a great vehicle for maneuvering through the snow. That said, it’s important to fit this vehicle with reliable winter tires before driving in icy or snowy conditions.

8. Honda CR-V (2006-2016)

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover that offers the practicality of a sdan combined with the safety of an SUV. Because of it’s high safety ratings and excellent handling, the CR-V is a great choice for winter driving in Evansville.

9. BMW 330xi (1997-2005)

BMW 330xi

Those who enjoy winter driving can get thorough enjoyment out of the BMW 330xi. This vehicle balances luxury and performance, featuring AWD for safe winter driving as well as convenient in-vehicle features, regardless of the year.

10. Toyota Matrix AWD (2002-2008)

Toyota Matrix AWD

Toyota offers a reliable and economical ride in the Toyota Matrix AWD. It’s a durable vehicle, which makes it ideal for driving in unfavourable weather conditions, and with a roomy backseat and a comfortable interior, it makes a practical family vehicle.

Find Reliable Used Cars in Evansville at Edge Autosports

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